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cvsuser is a tool to allow easy management of users and passwords on a remote (or local) CVS archive. Communication between the client (cvsuser) and the server (cvsuserd) is performed over a TCP/IP connection using an encrypted protocol employing a weak private key system. Users with developer privilages may use cvsuser to modify their passwords while administrators may use cvsuser to add and remove users, change users' passwords and access rights, list users, and associate a user with a specific system account to provide fine control of each user's access rights.

cvsuser is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Under "Other Stuff" are items not related to cvsuser, but still (hopefully) of interest to some people. DiabetiK is a package to help people effectively manage their diabetes. The site "Chilli: A Memorial" is a tribute to a very special and unconventional cat that died November 3, 2002.

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